Hacks for Your Hearing

Hearing Life Hacks for Ear Heath and Improvement

Are the words “What” and “huh” more noticeable in your everyday conversations? Are your friends and family telling you that the volume on your devices is up too high? Let’s face it, the possibility of hearing loss is not only frightening but, for many, can be debilitating. So, you might find that engaging in some life hacks for your hearing might be an excellent way to go. Many people have found that having a few hack-tips tucked away has done more good than harm. While the severity of your hearing issues will ultimately determine the effectiveness of these hacks, have good practice can mean the difference between hearing now and hearing later.

Suffering from hearing loss can affect a person’s life in drastic ways. Check out these helpful life hacks for your hearing, all of which can help promote good hearing and reduce your chances of hearing loss.

Increase your distance from high decibels

Science is very clear on the adverse effect that distance has on sound’s ability to damage hearing. It should go without saying that the further you are, the less likely loud decibels will negatively impact your hearing. By following the inverse-square law, you can reduce the impact to a negligible amount.

Keep your headphone and stereo volume at or below 60%

Hearing experts have said that damage from listening to headphones at high volume is widespread among patients who suffer hearing loss. While the extent of the danger is unclear, it is evident that keeping your headphone volume around midrange is a good idea.

Wear earplugs when exposed to intense sounds

If you have a chance to plan when you know you will be exposed to loud sounds, like working construction or planning on attending a concert, make sure to pick up some earplugs. Easy to carry, many life hackers swear by a good pair of earplugs when in need. Some even go as far as visiting an audiologist and getting a custom fit pair.

Limit the amount of time you subject yourself to high-volume sound

So, every second counts when it comes to hearing loss by being exposed to dangerously high volume. Limiting the time of exposer can go far in protecting your hearing for the long term. Audiologists recommend that listening to headphones be limited to one-hour sessions then taking a break. A good rule to follow is that the louder the sound, the shorter amount of time you should spend being close to it.

If you are worried about your hearing, a lot of these tips can help. But, life hacks and good advice are not replacements for the sound advice of a doctor. If you are experiencing hearing loss of any kind, contact a hearing health professional.

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