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We offer a wide array of hearing device options for our patients, ensuring optimal comfort and ease.
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Our comprehensive range of services meet the individualized needs of all hearing patients.
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The New York Hearing Center is open Mon-Fri, from 9:00am to 5:00pm. We are closed on weekends.
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Ear Doctors and Hearing Specialists in NYC

The New York Hearing Center offers hearing solutions that are customized to each patient’s individual needs. Our ear doctors and hearing specialists provide the highest quality of patient care and an array of services including: evaluation, rehabilitation and the prevention of hearing impairment and balance disorders.

Our Services

iPhone Hearing Aids
The smartphone age is helping hearing aids get smarter — and even more customized…
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Bone Anchored Hearing Aids
Bone anchored hearing aids are the only implanted hearing replacement solution that…
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Hearing Aid Evaluation
At the New York Hearing Center, we offer advanced testing and evaluations that are designed…
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Hearing Loss Surgery
A stapedectomy is a surgical procedure that is designed to improve hearing in patients…
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We Are Hearing Angels

For every hearing aid purchased from The New York Hearing Center, a portion is donated to the Starkey Hearing Foundation’s Hearing Angel Program, helping children around the globe who cannot afford proper hearing care.

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Tinnitus and Acupuncture: What Are The Benefits?

Unwelcome noise can be bothersome. However, it’s worse when you are the only one who can hear it. For those that hear a humming, buzzing, clicking, ringing, whistling, whooshing, or hissing sound in one or both of your ears that isn’t audible to others, you are not crazy. You are just experiencing tinnitus. According to the American Tinnitus Association,

How to Make Hearing Aid Batteries Last Longer

Saving time and money is important, especially when it comes to your hearing aids. Batteries are a crucial component of a battery-operated hearing aid, so it’s important to take care to help you get the most out of your battery, making your hearing aid batteries last longer. Doing so can help save you the time of replacing batteries and can help save you money in the long run.

Autism Auditory Tips for Autism Awareness Month

Those on the autism spectrum often contend with sound sensitivity, which can come in many different flavors. Some individuals may be hypersensitive to sound, making it hard for them not to concentrate on every single sound. While others on the spectrum can suffer from hyposensitivity, where they do not reply to sight, sounds, or touch.