Advanced Hearing Aid Evaluations and Hearing Tests in NYC

hearing aid evaluations NYCIf you have experienced some type of hearing loss, and believe that you may need a hearing aid, the time to act is now. At the New York Hearing Center, we offer advanced testing and evaluations that are designed to determine the exact causes of your hearing loss. Once this is complete, we can begin going over treatment options that are customized to your exact needs and goals!

During your evaluation, our Manhattan hearing aid team will detect:

  • Your hearing loss problems and how they negatively affect your daily life
  • When and how your hearing loss began
  • If there are symptoms such as tinnitus (ringing in the ears), dizziness, vertigo, or other symptoms of hearing loss
  • What hearing aid options would be best suited to your specific situation and resolving your specific problems

To schedule your hearing aid evaluation, contact us!

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