An Innovative Type of Hearing Aid for Natural Hearing

Many of the conventional hearing aids currently available utilize small speakers to amplify sounds, but they have their drawbacks. Speakers can create feedback and affect your ability to hear and understand others, turning many away from using hearing aids. However, with the Earlens Hearing Aid instead of using amplified sound, a small eardrum vibration lens is placed on your eardrum and light is utilized to activate your hearing system. This new, innovated technology now offers rich, complete hearing for those who are hard of hearing, or for those who are experiencing hearing loss.

At the New York Hearing Center, we are proud to announce that we now offer the Earlens Hearing Aid to our patients.

What are the Benefits of the Earlens Hearing Aid?

  • Can alleviate the sense of “blocked ears”
  • Allows for more natural sound and will automatically adjust to your environment
  • Offers the broadest frequency range on the current market
  • Less susceptible to excessive acoustic feedback
  • Has the ability to produce low-pitch sounds, as well as high-pitch sounds
  • Features volume learning
  • Features 20 channels and four customizable programs
  • Uses rechargeable batteries that can hold a full day’s charge
  • Batteries recharge wirelessly in 4 hours


How Does the Earlens Hearing Aid Work?

Instead of utilizing small speakers to amplify sounds, the Earlens Hearing Aid uses state of the art technology to deliver rich and natural sound to its user. An alternative to using amplified sound, which can create feedback, the Earlens Hearing Aid uses light and its custom eardrum vibration lens to move the eardrum. It all begins when the behind-the-ear processor receives sound and relays it to the in-ear light-emitting diode tip. Light is converted to sound and is then delivered to the lens, stimulating your eardrum and producing audible sound.

Earlens Hearing Aid Patient Testimonials

Learn what Earlens users are saying about their experience with the Earlens Hearing Aid.


“I wore them in the cafeteria at work. With Earlens I had no trouble at all hearing everyone at the table clearly. It was amazing.”


“Those children singing was quite a joy. I wouldn’t have heard that without Earlens hearing aids.”

If you are interested in learning more about the Earlens Light-Driven hearing aid or would like to schedule a consultation, give us a call today. We have multiple offices in NYC including Midtown Manhattan, the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

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