Brussels Sprouts Pomegranate Recipe

A Thanksgiving Recipe for Healthy Hearing

Brussels sprouts often pop up on the dinner table during Thanksgiving, but did you know that eating Brussels sprouts may help you preserve your hearing? Brussels sprouts are high in folic acid, which can help lower the risk of age-related hearing loss. Also, Brussels sprouts are considered to be one of the best plant sources of omega-3 fatty acids,

Healthy Hearing Nutrients

Healthy Hearing Nutrients for Thanksgiving

For many food lovers, Thanksgiving is the most anticipated meal of the year and the biggest. Thanksgiving is filled with food and family, so what is there not to love? However, did you know that many of the traditional Thanksgiving recipes contain nutrients that have been linked to healthy hearing? Several healthy, hearing nutrients are found within the typical Thanksgiving feast,

Warning Signs of Hearing Loss

What Are the Warning Signs of Hearing Loss?

Change, particularly changes in the body, can be scary. So much so, it can be easy to brush off any changes we notice. Especially, since in many cases, changes can happen gradually over time, and there is not an immediate transition from one state to another. Unfortunately, when it comes to hearing loss, this is often the case.

Halloween Hearing Safety Tips

Halloween Hearing Safety Tips for Kids with Hearing Loss

While Halloween is generally a fun and exciting holiday, for children with hearing loss, Halloween can be downright scary if the proper precautions are not met and Halloween hearing safety tips are not followed. While this can go for anyone, children with hearing loss need extra consideration this holiday, so they can fully enjoy dressing up and collecting treats.

Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

National Protect Your Hearing Month

Some may not realize this (or may just need a friendly reminder), but loud sounds are incredibly harmful to your ears. In fact, noise-induced hearing loss is a common condition, and it is an ailment that can affect anyone, of all ages. Noise-induced hearing loss occurs when a loud noise damages the tiny hair cells in your cochlea,

Vestibular Disorders Facts

Vestibular Disorders Facts: A Chronic Balance Disorder

A vestibular disorder is a condition that you may or may not have heard of. Considered to be a chronic balance disorder, vestibular dysfunction can affect both the patient and their family in many ways. Affecting you not just on a physical level, but also on an emotional and mental level. Balance in life is crucial if you want to remain healthy,

Technology and Children’s Hearing Loss

Technology and Children’s Hearing Loss

While personal technology such as iPods and iPads has its share of advantages, for children, it can hinder their development, specifically in the speech and hearing department. Many feel that the excessive use of technology is replacing face to face human interaction and conversation. While other evidence suggests that these devices can have adverse effects on brain development.

Back-to-School Hearing Loss Tips for Kids

Back-to-School Hearing Loss Tips for Kids

Heading back to school can be exciting, but it also can be overwhelming for a child. A new classroom, new teacher, and a different set of students can make a lot of children anxious about the new school year. However, this feeling can become even more compounded if the child is hard of hearing or deaf.

Ear Facts

Get the Facts Straight: Interesting Ear Facts

Having ears on your head, giving you the ability to maintain balance and the ability to hear the world around you truly is a gift. Unfortunately, some may take this gift for granted. Not fully realizing that what they have is something special. However, the truth is that many of us are in this boat,