Hearing Aid Gift Ideas

Must Have Hearing Aid Gifts For The Holidays

The holiday season of giving is almost here. As friends and family gather together to exchange gifts, it’s another chance to show how much we care about each other. While gifts should always come from the heart, items that improve the quality of life usually are more appreciated. If you find yourself shopping for someone who uses a hearing aid device,

Earwax Blockage

Tips For Dealing With Stuffed-Up Ears

One thing we all have but rarely think about unless there is a problem is earwax. Earwax is an essential component for hearing health; normally, we don’t even notice its effects. Earwax lines the ear canals and traps moisture and debris, protecting the delicate hairs from damage. The ear canal is self-cleaning, and earwax should not be removed.

Nutrients that Improve Hearing

Nutrients that Improve Hearing: Helpful Nutrient List for Thanksgiving

Usually, people don’t think of hearing health and Thanksgiving as having any real connection. However, since the primary celebration for Thanksgiving centers around food, it’s actually the perfect time to bring up the importance that nutrition plays in promoting hearing health and can help mitigate damage that may have occurred. While the support and protection for your hearing are not precisely the same as earplugs or headphones,

Finding an Audiologist

How To Find An Audiologist That’s Right For You

When faced with hearing issues, one of the most challenging things to deal with at the beginning is finding an audiologist. Many people only begin to seek help after friends and family actively encourage them to do so. So, starting can be daunting, filled with more questions than answers, unfamiliar terminology, and more options than facts.

Hearing Aid Friendly Costumes

Costume Tips for Hearing Aids and Halloween

For kids all across America, there is almost no time more fun or magical than Halloween. Imaginations run wild as we celebrate the act of donning a costume and pretending to be someone or even something else. Having a hearing aid shouldn’t ruin the fun of immersing yourself in the spirit of this festive holiday.

Halloween and Hearing Aids

Combining Halloween and Hearing Aids

With the beginning of October upon us, the anticipation for Halloween grows with each passing day. For generations, kids have immersed themselves in scary stories, fantastic costumes, and candy, lots and lots of candy. Today is no different, and despite the recent health scares, families are still planning for an adventurous and treat-filled night. But,

Recent Breakthroughs in Treating Tinnitus

People afflicted with tinnitus, which causes ringing in the ears, have just received some of the best news about understanding the causes and potential treatments for this chronic condition. Recent studies conducted at the University of Arizona have shown a connection between tinnitus and inflammation of the brain around the auditory regions through the use of bimodal neuromodulation.

Tips For The Hearing Impaired

Back To School Tips For The Hearing Impaired

The beginning of a new school can be just as exciting as it is frightening for young students. Anxiety can come in the form of new classes, new classmates, new teachers, and maybe even a new school. These fears can be exasperated if your child has a hearing impairment. These fears and worries can be lessened and even eliminated with proper preparation and the right action plan.

Protect Your Hearing

Fall Hearing Protection Tips: How to Safeguard Your Hearing this Autumn

Autumn is upon us, and as we watch the leaves change to the vivid colors of fall, it might also be an excellent time to changes our auditory habits and do the little things to help our hearing. To many, the ending of the summer months means it’s the last opportunity to engage in the outdoor activities that have we were unable to find time to do.