Summer Hearing Safety

Summer Tips On How To Protect Your Ears

Even though summer is almost over, there is still plenty of time for activities out of doors. Most everyone knows how dreary winter can be, a lot than attempt to spend as much time outside as possible during the summer season. While many summer activities are delightful, many also have the potential to cause damage to the ears. Many typical events, such as music festivals and car races, are extremely loud and can cause significant damage to one’s hearing. To help protect your ears, we have gathered a few helpful summer hearing safety tips to help you make it through the last few weeks of summer.

It can not be stressed enough how important it is to protect your ears from the dangers of summer activities. Following these simple summer hearing safety steps can help your hearing last for many summers to come.

      • According to the CDC, anything above 85 decibels can cause severe and permanent hearing loss, so make sure you know where the volume is on your stereo while listening to music. Whether it be in the car, outside, and especially through headphones.
      • Standing back at a reasonable distance away from concert speakers, fireworks displays, and other high-volume events is also recommended. The closer you are to the source of high decibels, the more significant the potential for damage.
      • Blocking out sounds you can’t get away from is another good way to protect your hearing. Wearing protective headphones or earplugs while shooting at targets or using power tools can minimize any damage to your hearing.
      • Taking a break when the environment is extremely loud is also a great way to reduce the potential of long-term damage. The longer your eardrums are exposed to high decibels, the more likely damage can occur. Taking a break from the sound and giving your ears a chance to rest can go a long way to help.

Hearing loss is an area of study that is not understood very well. Once gone, it is almost impossible to restore, so the best idea is to take care of your hearing while it is still in good shape.

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