What is aural rehabilitation?

Aural Rehab NYCAural rehabilitation services are designed to help you understand and diagnose your hearing loss, and adjust to the complications that it presents in your everyday life. By focusing on the best therapies and treatment for your specific situation, you can become more confident in your skills as you speak with others. Our Manhattan audiologists and ear doctors at The New York Hearing Center provide aural rehabilitation for a wide range of patients, and have the necessary experience, knowledge, and skills to help you adjust to hearing loss!

Several aspects of aural rehabilitation include:

  • Identifying the causes of hearing loss.
  • Providing therapies that help you listen and understand better, deal with background noise, understand new sounds, and more.
  • Implementing specific amplification devices that are designed to improve your hearing ability.

Learn more about aural rehabilitation and how it can benefit you by contacting us today!

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