Hearing Aid Gift Ideas

Must Have Hearing Aid Gifts For The Holidays

The holiday season of giving is almost here. As friends and family gather together to exchange gifts, it’s another chance to show how much we care about each other. While gifts should always come from the heart, items that improve the quality of life usually are more appreciated. If you find yourself shopping for someone who uses a hearing aid device,

Earwax Blockage

Tips For Dealing With Stuffed-Up Ears

One thing we all have but rarely think about unless there is a problem is earwax. Earwax is an essential component for hearing health; normally, we don’t even notice its effects. Earwax lines the ear canals and traps moisture and debris, protecting the delicate hairs from damage. The ear canal is self-cleaning, and earwax should not be removed.

Hearing Aid Friendly Costumes

Costume Tips for Hearing Aids and Halloween

For kids all across America, there is almost no time more fun or magical than Halloween. Imaginations run wild as we celebrate the act of donning a costume and pretending to be someone or even something else. Having a hearing aid shouldn’t ruin the fun of immersing yourself in the spirit of this festive holiday.

Halloween and Hearing Aids

Combining Halloween and Hearing Aids

With the beginning of October upon us, the anticipation for Halloween grows with each passing day. For generations, kids have immersed themselves in scary stories, fantastic costumes, and candy, lots and lots of candy. Today is no different, and despite the recent health scares, families are still planning for an adventurous and treat-filled night. But,

Hacks for Your Hearing

Hearing Life Hacks for Ear Heath and Improvement

Are the words “What” and “huh” more noticeable in your everyday conversations? Are your friends and family telling you that the volume on your devices is up too high? Let’s face it, the possibility of hearing loss is not only frightening but, for many, can be debilitating. So, you might find that engaging in some life hacks for your hearing might be an excellent way to go.

Hearing Aid Maintenance

Do I Need to Perform Hearing Aid Maintenance?

Hearing devices not only assist your ability to hear, but they can also have a profound impact on your quality of life. Individuals who utilize hearing aids often depend on their devices on a day-to-day basis. Because of this, it makes sense to protect and safeguard them for as long as possible. Much like everything in life,

How to Make Hearing Aid Batteries Last Longer

Saving time and money is important, especially when it comes to your hearing aids. Batteries are a crucial component of a battery-operated hearing aid, so it’s important to take care to help you get the most out of your battery, making your hearing aid batteries last longer. Doing so can help save you the time of replacing batteries and can help save you money in the long run.

Effects of Untreated Hearing Loss

What are the Effects of Untreated Hearing Loss?

When a person’s ability to hear starts to diminish, it can be difficult to notice at first. A minor degree of hearing loss can be present until it becomes progressively worse and blatantly clear that there is an issue. However, even when there is clearly an issue, many still halt on seeking treatment. In fact,

Reasons for Ear Pain

The Top Reasons for Ear Pain

Experiencing pain is something we will all encounter, but it can be very unsettling when we experience pain in our ears. Our ears play an important role in our daily lives, as it helps keep us connected and in tune to the world around us. While ear pain is common among children, experiencing ear pain as an adult can also happen and is not unheard of.