Hearing Holiday Gift Guide

Hearing Holiday Gift Guide for those with Hearing Loss

The month of December is a time of giving and receiving. A time that’s spent with friends and family, enjoying the company that they provide, the holidays are a time that many people count their blessings. However, despite all the beautiful things the holidays have to offer, they don’t come without a bit of stress. Many people can drive themselves insane trying to find the perfect gift for their loved one, and it can be even harder if they are hearing impaired.

Finding the perfect holiday gift can be a challenge, and many find it more difficult when the recipient is hard of hearing. If you are in search of the ideal gift for your hearing impaired friend or family member check out this helpful hearing holiday gift guide.

Sign Language Flash Cards – Excellent for anyone who is deaf or hard of hearing, sign language flashcards is an excellent way for anyone of any age to learn American Sign Language visually. Even for those who are young, these cards will help enhance their learning.

Vibrating Alarm Clock – If your friend or loved one is deaf, they could probably benefit from having a vibrating alarm clock. You can’t wear your hearing aids while you sleep, so sometimes it can be difficult to wake up.

Sensory Toys – If you are looking for the perfect gift for a hearing impaired child, sensory toys are always a great choice. Children love toys, and some noisy toys can cause hearing loss, so opt for sensory toys instead. They often come in many exciting colors, shapes, and textures.

Books – Many people love to read, and it’s good for your brain, so why not get your hard of hearing loved one a book about hearing loss. There are both fiction and non-fiction books available that can give your loved one something to relate to.

Hearing Impaired Stuffed Animal and Dolls – Dolls such as “Toy Like Me,” Build-A-Bear, and Phonak’s Leo the Lion are excellent for children that have hearing aids and cochlear implants. These type of dolls and stuffed animals help enforce the idea that it’s OK to wear hearing aids or have a cochlear implant.

Hearing Aid Accessories – A thoughtful gift that can help someone get the most out of their hearing aids are hearing aid accessories and tools. Ranging from hearing aid skins, batteries, dryers, battery chargers, overnight cases, earwax guards, cleaning kits, and more, these accessories are always welcomed and are much needed.

Technology – If your loved one is tech savvy there are many digital devices out on the market that can help improve the quality of their life, and maybe make their life a bit easier. For instance, if they often have trouble hearing the doorbell, a Wi-Fi digital doorbell would make a great gift or maybe a smartwatch that alerts them to a text or a call without their phone in front of them.

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