Winter Hearing Aid Tips

Winter Time Hearing Aid Care

Winter can be a difficult time for those who wear hearing aids. Many may not have the know-how on how to adequately protect hearing aids from the cold and high levels of moisture. Unfortunately, moisture is your hearing aids enemy. Condensation of moisture can cause corrosion and can result in malfunction of your hearing aid. Luckily, protecting your hearing aids is easy as long as preventative measures are taken.

Winter is almost here and what better way to prepare than by learning how to properly care for your hearing aids. Continue reading to check out our helpful winter hearing aid tips!

1. If you remove the batteries from your hearing aid, make sure you always place and store them in a cool, dry place.
2. If you find that your hearing aid stops working after you come inside from the cold, open up the battery compartment to let any built-up moisture to escape.
3. Allow your hearing aids to dry while you sleep at night. There are hearing aid dehumidifiers available that you could use to remove any built-up condensation.
4. If you regularly participate in winter activities, remove your hearing aids from your ears before you exercise outside. By eliminating your hearing aids you can help protect them from excessive moisture caused by the snow and sweat.
5. If you need to wear your hearing aids during activities, invest in spandex covers or hearing aid sweatbands. This way you can keep your hearing aids dry and moisture-free, even while sweating.
6. Never store your hearing aid on your car’s dashboard or in the glovebox. Often there are extreme temperature changes that occur inside a vehicle, and this can create condensation within the hearing aid.
7. Make sure you clean your hearing aid regularly to help ensure a long life. You can use a soft, dry cloth to keep it clean.
8. If it is wet outside, make sure you protect your head and your hearing aid(s) by using an umbrella or by wearing a hat.
9. Make sure you always have spare batteries handy. When it is cold outside, batteries can have a decreased battery life or could fail, so be prepared.
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