Hearing Aid Safety Tips for Halloween

Hearing Aid Safety Tips For Halloween

Halloween is one of America’s favorite holidays; in 2022, it’s estimated that people will spend more than 10 billion dollars on decorations, costumes, and candy. As much fun as Halloween can be, hidden risks and dangers can be almost as common as face paint and jack-o-lanterns. But with proper planning and the right preparation, you can significantly increase your chances of enjoying a safe Halloween. Check out these hearing aid safety tips for Halloween.

Hearing Aid Safety Tips for Halloween

Plan costumes with safety in mind. From dealing with traffic in the dark to getting your hearing aid tangled in your costume, attending to details beforehand will go a long way to help avoid problems.

• Choose bright colors or add reflective strips to increase visibility in the dark.
• Keep ears and eyes clear of obstructions, and be careful of wigs, masks, hats, and other accessories that can end up being a problem.
• Watch the local weather forecasts and ensure you have colder weather options for your costume.

Plan your Halloween activity ahead of time to get the most out of your Halloween.

• Knowing your trick-or-treating route will help reduce unwanted surprises.
• Checking the internet for local activities can give you options that can almost guarantee a safe, family-friendly environment.
• Inquire ahead of time about any party or event to determine if they would be hearing loss friendly.

Checking on hearing aids before Halloween is vital to prevent any mishaps with hearing aid equipment that could interfere with the night.

• Inspect hearing aids beforehand to ensure they are working correctly.
• Even a last-minute cleaning is better than a clogged device.
• Take extra batteries. Cold temperatures can drain batteries faster, so having pockets in your costume to carry additional could save your Halloween in a pinch.

There is no reason to let hearing loss prevent you and your family from enjoying Halloween. A bit of planning and sound advice will allow you to focus on making good memories on the spookiest night of the year.

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