Halloween Costume Tips For Hearing Aids

Halloween Costume Tips For Hearing Aid Users

As Halloween approaches, many people across America are beginning to plan and acquire their costume components and accessories for the big night. It’s no different for people who suffer from hearing loss. In the past, many opted to hide or not use hearing aids due to embarrassment. Fortunately, today for many who wear hearing aids, the trend in costume ideas is to incorporate their devices into their theme, celebrating them and helping to leave hearing aid stigma in the past. To help end the stigma, we have gathered some Halloween costume tips for hearing aids to help get you and your hearing device into the Halloween spirit.

Halloween Costume Tips For Hearing Aids

Use Device-Friendly Decorations

It’s important to use decorations and craft supplies that won’t harm your device or leave permanent marks. Friendly supplies include:

• Removable stickers and decals
• Plastic jewels and charms
• Eyelash glue or spirit gum
• Fashion and specialty covers

Materials to Avoid:

• Hard glues, including super glue, school glue, or any household glue
• Paint
• Paper or layered stickers that have hard-to-remove glue
• Heat-based decorations like hot glue or shrink wraps
• Anything large enough to cover ports or interfere with the battery door

Removable Covers:

By far the most popular option because they are easily changed out, and the fact that it’s irrelevant that many of the craft products end up being permanent. Using a temporary cover can let your imagination go wild.

• Search online resources like Instagram, Esty, and Pinterest for ideas
• Purchasing supplies at a craft store instead of online can also provide inspiration

Recent statistics have shown that hearing loss affects almost 13 percent of the American population in one or both ears. Unfortunately, even in 2022, hearing aid hesitancy is still a thing. It’s generally agreed that showcasing and drawing attention to hearing aid devices and their benefit helps the under-diagnosed and hesitant move towards better care.

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