Halloween and Hearing Aids

Combining Halloween and Hearing Aids

With the beginning of October upon us, the anticipation for Halloween grows with each passing day. For generations, kids have immersed themselves in scary stories, fantastic costumes, and candy, lots and lots of candy. Today is no different, and despite the recent health scares, families are still planning for an adventurous and treat-filled night. But, for as much fun as Halloween can be, it is also fraught with unseen dangers, especially for children that are hard of hearing. The good news with the right preparation, you can minimize and remove a lot of the obstacles that could ruin this special time and successfully combine Halloween and hearing aids. To help, we have compiled some tips to help you and your family stay safe this Halloween season.

Halloween and Hearing Aids: How to Stay Safe this Halloween Season

• Planning your night as far in advance as you can is the first and best step in eliminating any potential issues before they arrive. If you are taking kids trick or treating, make sure you know the locations you are going to. If possible, walk the route during the day to access any trouble areas that should be looked out for, such as street corners that have visible obstructions and blind turns. Talking to your kids about street safety before heading out is vital to a safe and fun experience.
• It is also a good idea to test out costumes well in advance to ensure they do not interfere with any hearing assist devices. Things like masks and hats could cause issues with your child’s ability to communicate, and testing them out beforehand will help identify potential problems early. If face masks are a must, try to find see-through masks or face shields that won’t hinder communication. You can also incorporate the hearing device into the costume; there are many options for non-permanent decorations, and many hearing aids have plastic covers that can be changed out for more fashionable options.
• Check your local weather forecast leading up to Halloween, so you can make adjustments if necessary. It is essential to keep ears warm on cold nights, and October can be known for frosty weather once the sun goes down. The cold can reduce blood flow to the extremities, like the ears, and increase the chance of infection.
• Make sure to check hearing assist devices leading up to and the night of Halloween. Dead batteries and malfunctioning units can spoil the night, so make sure their equipment is in working order and have extra batteries on hand just in case they go out.
• Most importantly, make sure to have a good time. Halloween only comes once a year, and childhood only lasts for so long. So have fun and be safe during this Halloween season.
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