Back to School With Hearing Loss

Going Back-To-School With Hearing Loss

As the summer season ends, families begin the arduous process of returning to school. New classes, books, clothes, and a new year can be rough on even the savviest of educators and students. But, for kids going back to school with hearing loss, the stress of getting ready for the new school year can be even more challenging. Hearing loss can add a layer of complexity, making it difficult for everyone involved. Fortunately, there are a number of things that parents can do to help ease the transition. We have gathered the best tips and advice from seasoned students and faculty that have dealt with hearing issues to help reduce the stress and anxiety associated with returning to school for you and your family.

Back to School With Hearing Loss: Helpful Tips for the New School Year

Start the Back-to-School process as Early as Possible

Going back to school is already a challenge for most parents. But the addition of hearing issues can make it worse. Getting things done beforehand can be vital for reducing stress and allowing for proper preparation. Make sure to attend the school’s open house, so your child will know where the class is being held and have a chance to meet with the teacher and faculty.

Communicate Directly with the School Regarding Your Child’s Condition

Communication is key to success in learning, but nothing can or will be done if they are unaware of issues. Share medical documentation and be ready to fill out whatever forms they need to accommodate your child’s condition. Each school will have a different set of accommodations on hand. If informed early enough, unavailable equipment can be acquired before the beginning of the year.

Check with your Child’s Audiologist about Tools that can be Integrated into the Classroom to Assist with Hearing Loss

Just as each new year brings new classes, teachers, and hopefully an advance in grade, technical improvements in hearing aids continue unabated. Check with a hearing specialist or an audiologist about what is available to assist your child’s learning. Make sure to find out during your child’s next hearing test before the school term starts.

Remember that you are your child’s first and best resource for success at school, whether they have hearing issues or not.

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