Hearing Aid Friendly Costumes

Costume Tips for Hearing Aids and Halloween

For kids all across America, there is almost no time more fun or magical than Halloween. Imaginations run wild as we celebrate the act of donning a costume and pretending to be someone or even something else. Having a hearing aid shouldn’t ruin the fun of immersing yourself in the spirit of this festive holiday. With that in mind, we have put together this list to help your creativity shine and help create hearing aid-friendly costumes for you and your entire family.

Hearing Aid Friendly Costumes: Tips for Hearing Aids and Halloween

1- Hats
Hats are an excellent way to help conceal a hearing aid device without hampering its function. Large brimmed hats or hats with ear flaps can be easily added to many famous characters, and with cold October nights, you may want one anyway.
2- Wigs
Wigs and hair extensions can also be used to cover up hearing aids and make them less noticeable. Be careful to ensure that they don’t tangle or disrupt wearing a hearing aid.
3- Decorations
Adding decorations to a device to match a costume’s theme can be a great way to add pizzaz to any outfit. Removable stickers and embellishments are a great way to enhance a device’s look without damaging the device’s operation. Many device manufacturers also make removable covers that you can go wild decorating and then be stored safely until next year.
4- Other Options
Picking out a superhero or science fiction costume can help elevate the perception of hearing aid devices, especially children, and help mitigate negative stigmas associated with hearing loss. Many of the characters and themes showcase the technical side of costumes and would go perfectly with a hearing aid device.

So whether or not you want to show off, hide or embellish a hearing aid for Halloween, there are countless options and ideas available on the market, on the web, or even from your imagination. In the end, suffering from hearing loss doesn’t mean you have to miss out on Halloween’s fantastical fun.

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