Hearing Aid Maintenance

Do I Need to Perform Hearing Aid Maintenance?

Hearing devices not only assist your ability to hear, but they can also have a profound impact on your quality of life. Individuals who utilize hearing aids often depend on their devices on a day-to-day basis. Because of this, it makes sense to protect and safeguard them for as long as possible. Much like everything in life, attention and preventive upkeep are necessary if you wish to avoid early failure. By regularly performing hearing aid maintenance, your device is more likely to last.

Prevent possibly pricey repair work and spending time without your hearing aids by learning how to effectively care for your device by following these basic hearing aid maintenance suggestions.

      • ALWAYS handle your listening devices with care. Also, when handling your listening devices, ensure that your hands are dry and clean.
      • Purchase the appropriate aftercare products for your device, and never use solvents, alcohol, or cleaning agents.
      • Wipe down your device every morning with a clean and dry, soft fabric or tissue. Make sure you get rid of any dried-up ear wax off of your device.
      • Prevent getting your hearing aids damp, so don’t wear them if you are swimming, taking a shower, or heading out into the heavy rain.
      • Never place your hearing aid in extreme temperature levels. For instance, your automobile’s glove compartment on a hot summertime day or on a frigid winter day. Just don’t do it!
      • When not in use, always keep your hearing aids in a dry, cool location and make sure they are kept away from wetness and heat.
      • Have damp hearing aids? Never utilize a microwave or hairdryer for drying your device. Instead, get rid of the batteries and position your hearing aid device in a dry storage kit with the battery door left open overnight.
      • Ensure you remove your hearing aids when you are applying lotion, hairspray, or fragrance. Some chemicals can have a damaging impact on your gadget, so ensure you give enough time for your device to dry before you use your hearing aids again.
      • From time to time, have a hearing care expert check your hearing aids to ensure they are operating correctly. An audiologist will be able to adjust your hearing aid, if necessary, and can answer any questions you may have regarding the care of your device.
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