Back-to-School Hearing Loss Tips for Kids

Back-to-School Hearing Loss Tips for Kids

Heading back to school can be exciting, but it also can be overwhelming for a child. A new classroom, new teacher, and a different set of students can make a lot of children anxious about the new school year. However, this feeling can become even more compounded if the child is hard of hearing or deaf. However, with the right support and preparation, the new school year doesn’t have to be so scary. If you are not sure how to do that, these back-to-school hearing loss tips for kids can help them successfully make the transition.

Preparation can go a long way in helping your child make the transition into the new school year. Start the new school year on the right foot by following these helpful back-to-school hearing loss tips for kids.

1. You should be familiar with and aware of the environment in which your child is learning in, so make sure you meet with the teachers and tour the school. Discuss with your child’s teachers their specific needs and what’s best for them. If you have any tips that apply to your child, this is the time to share. It’s best to get the teachers on board, so they can help your child thrive and succeed during the new school year. Use this time to show your child’s teachers how your child’s hearing aids work and to find out if hearing assistive technology is offered at the school.

2. If your child has severe-profound hearing loss, they might be entitled to having extra help and support during class. To help lower the students’ chance of having to struggle in class, an interpreter, note-taker, or a classroom assistant may be available to help your child. While this can vary on the education system, having the correct support can help them achieve their full potential and can help limit the struggles they can often face during classroom situations.

3. If your child is new to hearing aids, encourage them to wear it during school, and help them understand how important it is for them to wear it. Asking your child’s teacher to monitor your child’s hearing aid habits can help you find out if they are reluctant to wear them during class, which can often happen during the adjustment period. Wearing hearing aids can be a significant adjustment, especially if they have to deal with staring and questioning from the other kids, so be sure to enlist your child’s teacher’s help.

4. Make sure your child is prepared for the day, every school day, by packing the essentials into their backpack. If you have any hearing loss equipment to help your child hear, be sure to pack it. If your child has a sound processor or wears hearing aids, make sure you pack extra batteries and any needed hearing supplies in a hard, labeled case. There’s nothing worse than dead batteries during the school day and having to go through the day in silence. However, things happen, so make sure they have a notebook on hand so they can communicate through writing if needed.

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