Summer Hearing Loss

How to Protect Yourself from Summer Hearing Loss

When the temperatures heat up, many can’t wait to get outdoors and soak up the sun. However, while many of us like to partake in summertime activities, many personal safety issues can occur during the summer if the proper precautions are not followed. For example, skin that’s left unprotected in the sun can eventually lead to skin cancer. A person who doesn’t stay hydrated on a hot summer day runs the risk of becoming dehydrated. Despite the standard precautions people take during the summer, many of us don’t think about protecting our hearing. Luckily, guarding yourself against summer hearing loss is relatively simple, as long as you are careful.

This summer, don’t forget to think of your hearing as you go about your daily activities. This season, protect yourself from summer hearing loss by taking the proper precautions when participating in any of these summer activities. You may be surprised to learn what can be hazardous to your hearing.

Target Shooting

Target shooting is the favorite sport of many people, and there’s nothing better than partaking in your favorite sport in the warm weather. However, gunfire is exceptionally hazardous to your hearing. Most gunfire can reach above 140 dB, which can cause immediate hearing damage. Even small firearms can reach above 120 dB, so you must wear earplugs or earmuffs when shooting.

Going Out for a Spin

Enjoying a beautiful summer day on your boat, motorcycle, or convertible is a great way to harm your hearing if you aren’t careful. Even though nothing beats feeling the wind as you go out for a spin, wind, engine and road noise can wreak havoc on your ears. However, if your state allows for it, you can wear hear-through ear protection. Hear-through ear protection will protect your hearing but won’t alter your ability to hear other vehicles around you.

Summer Concerts

There’s nothing better than music and great weather, especially during the summer. However, most people don’t protect their ears when they go to a concert or music festival. Considering concert sound levels can exceed 100 dB, it would be smart to use protection for your ears. One way is to simply sit as far away as you can from the speakers. Also, you should pick up a pair of earplugs to take with you as well.

Watching Fireworks

Fireworks and summer go hand in hand, and for many people, this is the highlight of summer. However, a fireworks show can reach up to 125 dB, which is loud enough to do damage. While we aren’t telling you to forgo watching a fireworks display, make sure you think of your ears by keeping your distance from the source. Watching fireworks through a window from inside a home or car is best. Otherwise, if you want to stay outdoors, make sure you wear earplugs to protect your hearing.

Remember, protecting your ears from summer hearing loss doesn’t stop there. Air shows, parades, car races, baseball games, and even yard work has the potential to harm your hearing, so make sure you have a set of earplugs on you. Disposable earplugs are relatively cheap, and you can buy in bulk online. Doing so will allow you to leave a set in your purse, car, home, or office, so you are always prepared.

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