ASL Apps

The Best Applications for Learning American Sign Language

Communication is something that many of us might view as trivial, but having the ability to communicate your thoughts, feelings, and needs is an essential aspect of human life. Having the ability to communicate can help you attain and build upon your self-esteem, as well as build relationships with others. Having the ability to express yourself and communicate with others is necessary in order to have a high quality of life. However, not all of us have the ability to communicate with our mouths. For those with hearing loss, they rely on using their hands to express themselves. The only issue with this is if you are not fluent in American Sign Language (ASL), communication can quickly become a challenge. Luckily, in today’s day and age, there are plenty of ASL apps available to us, at the touch of our fingertips.

If you are looking to learn American Sign Language, or want to communicate with others that have hearing loss, check out this helpful list of some of the best ASL apps currently available.

SignSchool– If you are looking to learn sign language, or simply want to strengthen your vocabulary, for free, then you should give SignSchool a try. You can use SignSchool on the go if you have an Android or Apple device, or you can use it on a computer-the choice is yours.

ASL Dictionary– For $5 (USD) you can have this handy, all-purpose reference on your Apple or Android device. This helpful app allows you to see video clips of any sign-in question and offers a dictionary of both words and phrases in sign language. Best of all, you can even access the content offline.

ASL Coach– This free (with in-app purchases) application is only for the iPad and iPhone. Perfect for beginners, ASL Coach makes learning sign language fun and easy. You can learn how to spell out the alphabet in sign language, and the app also features videos so you can watch and follow along.

Mimix3D Sign Language– This free app is available to Android users and can help you interpret spoken and written English into sign language with the aid of a 3D avatar. Helping to make the lines of communication easy with the deaf, Mimix3D Sign Language delivers real-time sign language translations.

ASL with Care Bears– If you are trying to teach a child sign language, then you should give ASL with Care Bears a try. This app makes it fun and helps keep younger learners interested, and will help teach them how to sign many popular phrases. ASL with Care Bears is a free iPhone app, but there is a premium version available.

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