Holiday Hearing Loss

How To Survive The Holidays With Hearing Loss

The holidays are an eagerly awaited occasion. However, they can be particularly distressing and demanding, especially for individuals with a hearing impairment. The commotion and clamor of loved ones bustling around, conversing over one another, and the background music playing at an excessive volume can disrupt the hearing aid wearers, making it quite challenging to stay up-to-date with the conversations and can quickly become overwhelming. We understand and can empathize with the struggles of such individuals and have compiled a list of holiday hearing loss survival tips to assist in making this year’s celebration more manageable.

Holiday Hearing Loss: How to Survive the Holidays

Make Plans in Advance

Consider focusing on the factors within your control to simplify your life. Plan for extra time and breaks to avoid getting overwhelmed. Communication between guests and hosts is vital and can help accommodate those who need them.

Watch Where You Sit

If your hearing loss is more extreme in one ear than the other, try to position the people you want to talk to on your better side. If you are not responsible for the seating plan, consider sitting next to someone with a louder voice or someone you know well, as it can make communication more manageable.

Get a Hearing Test Beforehand

If you have been having more trouble with your hearing than usual lately. It’s a good idea to schedule a hearing check-up before the Thanksgiving holiday rush begins. A simple adjustment to your hearing aids could make all the difference in keeping up with conversations during the holiday season.

Taking Extra Breaks

It can be taxing when exerting extra effort to comprehend spoken words. To mitigate this, take a few intermittent breaks throughout the day and inform the family about one’s need for some downtime or a nap. If one finds it challenging to follow conversations, engaging in alternative activities such as preparing meals, setting the table, or crafting beverages may also be helpful.

Minimize Further Hearing Injury

Encourage people to take extra precautions when it comes to hearing. Keeping the volume low on televisions and music players can help reduce the overall noise level and keep guests from trying to speak above them.

Dealing with Missed Words

In the event of a vague understanding of spoken communication, we recommend politely asking for clarification by requesting the speaker to repeat what they said. This approach is beneficial when confirming information such as location or names.

Try to Stay Calm

Some of your family members may not have the experience needed to aid you in managing your hearing loss. We recommend that you communicate your needs to them explicitly and politely. This will enable them to provide you with the support necessary to make the situation more manageable. Communication like this will also alleviate any frustration you or your relatives may be experiencing.

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