Summer Hearing Aid Accessories

The Top Summer Hearing Aid Accessories

Many of us like to have fun in the sun during the summer, but if you wear hearing aids, you need to be extra mindful of them during the warmer months. This is because water and humidity is the enemy of hearing aids, as they both are capable of damaging your device permanently. Even hearing aids that are classified as “water-resistant” are mostly just moisture proof, and this doesn’t help you if you decide to jump in the pool while wearing your hearing aids. Luckily, there are solutions for those who like to participate in summertime activities that won’t ruin their hearing aids.

If you like to participate in summertime activities while wearing your hearing aids or live in a wet environment, there is a solution. Protect your investment with some of the top summer hearing aid accessories currently available.

Waterproof Hearing Aid Case

Having one of these on hand is perfect for those summer days by the pool. By having a waterproof hearing aid case around, you can have a safe place to store your hearing aids while you have fun in the summer sun.

Hearing Aid Wind and Weather Protector

Hearing aid wind and weather protectors help protect your hearing aid by acting as a buffer against the rain, wind, and other outdoor elements. If you are looking for a simple, easy way to keep out dander and moisture, invest in these small filters.

Hearing Aid Clip

If you live an athletic lifestyle, invest in a hearing aid clip to help keep your hearing aid in place while in motion. There are different types of sports clips. Some have a plastic piece or wire that wraps around your ear, while others clip onto your hearing aid and wrap around the back of your head.

Hearing Aid Sweat Bands/Sleeve

Hearing aid sweatbands help protect your hearing aid from sweat during physical activity. These useful sweat bands slip easily over your hearing aids, protecting them from sweat, dirt, sand, and moisture without compromising sound quality.

Hearing Aid Dryer-Dry Box

It doesn’t matter how careful you are, accidents can and will happen. It’s a part of life, so make sure to have a hearing aid dryer on hand. You never know when you may accidentally drop your hearing aid in water, or get so hot that you jump into the pool without taking out your hearing aids first.

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