Hearing Aid Maintenance Tips

If you have a hearing impairment and utilize hearing aids, you probably rely on them on a daily basis. Hearing aids can help with your quality of life, so it is important to keep them properly maintained. Just like most things in life, hearing aids require regular maintenance to keep them functioning properly. Otherwise, they run the risk of failing prematurely. You got to do the upkeep if you want to get the most out of your hearing aids, so taking preventative measures is necessary if you don’t want to contend with potentially costly repairs.

Taking the steps necessary to protect your investment is easier than you think. Learn how to properly clean and care for your hearing aids by following these simple hearing aid maintenance tips.

Avoid moisture/water exposure – While this may seem like a no-brainer, avoiding water and humidity will help prevent serious damage from occurring. Remember to remove your hearing aid before you shower or swim and store them in their storage case. Also, to help avoid overheating and condensation keep the storage case in a cool and shady place.
Keep the battery door open – To help preserve battery life and prevent moisture buildup, keep the battery doors open at night to allow for airflow throughout the device. If possible, invest in a dehumidifying container to store your hearing aids in at night. These containers will not only keep your hearing aids safe but will help draw out the moisture from your device.
Keep it in a safe place – Keep your hearing aids safe by storing them away whenever they are not in use. Also, make it a part of your routine to keep your hearing aids in one location whenever they are not in use. Just make sure this place is out of reach from little hands as well as pets. With a bit of foresight, you will minimize your chances of losing and/or damaging your device.
Keep them clean – Your hearing aids are in a constant battle with the wax in your ear, so make it a part of your routine to clean your hearing aids daily. For best results, wipe down your hearing aids in the morning. Just make sure you don’t wipe any ear wax or debris onto the microphone ports. Any ear wax left on your hearing aid will be easier to remove after it got a chance to sit out overnight.
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