Sound Level Apps for Smartphones

Top Sound Level Apps for Smartphones

Nowadays, mobile-enabled tablets and smartphones are everywhere, and it seems like everyone has one. While some may argue about the dangers of smartphones and tablets, when utilized correctly they can be a handy tool to have around. New smartphone applications are revealed daily that can help you out with your daily life. For instance, there are many applications available that can be used to help you become more organized, healthy, and aware. Some are even designed with your ears in mind, as smartphone apps for your hearing health are now available for both iPhone and Android users. Now, with the aid of modern technology, we can have some help measuring the decibel levels of the sounds around us.

Did you know that there are sound level apps for smartphones available that can help you save your ears? These environmental sensor applications can monitor the volume level in your environment, so you can determine if you are in danger of damaging your hearing. If you would like some help monitoring the sound in your immediate surroundings, read on to learn more about some of the best smartphone apps to measure noise levels.

SoundMeter (iOS-$19.99)

SoundMeter is the priciest app we have listed, but it’s worth every cent. Considered to be the best sound level meter app available, SoundMeter is available to use on the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. If you want to turn your device into a handheld noise level meter that can produce reliable results by being able to measure peak noise levels up to approximately 130dB (with the help of an external microphone), then you must try SoundMeter. There’s no better way to help promote prevention efforts and better hearing health.

Decibel X (Android and iOS-Free)

Want to measure the sound pressure level (SPL) around you? This handy and free smartphone application can quickly turn your iOS or Android device into an accurate, pre-calibrated portable sound level meter that supports both dBA and dBC. If you’ve ever wondered about what the noise levels are in your surrounding environment, Decibel X gives you a real-time scale level chart, as well as a frequency analysis. Even though Decibel X is free, it’s considered to be one of the best sound meter apps around due to its well-designed, intuitive interface.

NoiSee (iOS-$0.99)

Looking for an advanced, yet intuitive professional-grade sound level meter? If so, why not turn your handheld device into one by installing NoiSee on your iPod Touch or iPhone. NoiSee features all of the tools that you expect a professional sound level meter to have, at a fraction of the price. During its development, professional measuring and calibration equipment was utilized, so you can be sure that this app will give you accurate results, with or without the aid of an external microphone.

Sound Meter (Android-Free)

Utilizing a graphic interface to show reference, the Sound Meter app uses your devices embedded microphone to measure the level of noise in decibels. Even though Sound Meter can calibrate itself for your specific Android device, it is not recommended if you need to measure high noise levels (over 100dB) because maximum decibel levels can be limited on certain devices. The reason for this? Most microphones that are installed in smartphones are not high-performance microphones and are only aligned with our voice level (40-60dB).

SPLnFFT Noise Meter (iOS-$3.99)

A sound level meter for your iPad or iPhone, SPLnFFT Noise Meter offers many advanced features and is the only iOS app that has been recommended by the Laborer’s Health and Safety Fund of North America. This app was designed by a signal processing expert and is regularly updated to maintain reliability and accuracy. An accurate and convenient application, SPLnFFT Noise Meter offers a dosimeter, frequency meter, frequency analyzer, as well as a test signal generator.

Too Noisy Pro (Android and iOS-$3.99)

An app that was built with children in mind, Too Noisy Pro was designed to help control the noise level that comes from having groups of children together. An app that is perfect for teachers, this noise level meter uses visual stimuli to help control noise levels in a classroom. Best of all, teachers can set acceptable noise levels for all types of lessons and record their own alarm. While this app was designed with educators in mind, Too Noisy Pro can also be utilized at daycares, activity centers, as well as at home.

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