Free Apps for Hearing Loss

Best Free Apps for Hearing Loss Assistance

In today’s high-tech world, the saying that there’s an app for everything becomes more true every day. With the advancement in cell phone technology, you can turn your device into any number of tools to assist those with hearing loss. Here are six of the best free apps for hearing loss to help level up your digital hearing aid assistance.

What are Some of the Best Free Apps for Hearing Loss Assistance?


Background noise can quickly overwhelm people who suffer from hearing loss. Sometimes finding a quiet place to socialize with friends can be a challenge. In the past, trying to determine a suitable location for those with hearing issues was impossible without visiting in person. SoundPrint uses crowdsourced data from cell phones to track the noise level in public places. The app rates these spots according to the average volume level detected each time there is a test.

Sound Alert

Ordinary hearing aid devices can miss critical environmental information, nor are they always in use. Sounds like doorbells, timers, and smoke detectors could be missed at crucial times. This app is designed to help you not miss essential details from your environment. Prerecording specific sounds, it can send an alert to your phone when the sound is detected.


Bluetooth-enabled headphones have become a pretty standard device for those with hearing loss. What makes Tunity different is that it allows for streaming audio from any broadcast television program without pairing your headphones with the actual device. Simply scan the tv screen with your phone’s camera, and the app with tune in to the same station and stream the audio directly to your smartphone.


One situation that many hard-of-hearing people have a tough time with is the group conversation. It is easy to miss words or entire parts of the conversation when trying to read the lips of several people at once. Rogervoice turns any conversation into a group chat. By transcribing the voice into text and being able to reply with text ensures that no one misses any part of the conversation. This app also saves the discussion in a searchable database and works for over a hundred different languages.

NIOSH Sound Level Meter

This app helps the hearing impaired and anyone who would like to keep track of the decibel levels to protect hearing health. Developed by National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, their sound level meter app is a simple program used to get real-time measurements of the acoustic levels from any given area.

Hearing Aid Apps

Not to be left behind while the hearing aid industry is being revolutionized, many major hearing aid device manufacturers have developed their own apps made explicitly for their devices. So, the next time you get a new hearing aid, check your app store for the matching software to get the most out of your new device.

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