Adjust to a New Hearing Aid

Tips to Help You Adjust to New Hearing Aid

When people suffer from hearing loss and slowly become more isolated as the world goes silent, hearing aids can bring the sounds of life back to those who need them. However, once you have gotten used to dull sounds, the effects of hearing aids can be overwhelming at the beginning. Giving yourself time to adjust to a new hearing aid is a good idea. This comprises getting used to the bodily sensations of having a device in your ear and the actual sense of hearing. After giving yourself some time for adjustment, you’ll never want to be without your hearing.

How Can I Adjust to a New Hearing Aid?

The First Few Weeks

It takes time to get used to using hearing aids. During the first few weeks, you will be getting used to wearing your hearing aid and getting used to the sounds you are hearing everyone around you. Hearing aids will change your perception of sound abruptly. The severity of your hearing impairment will determine if you can pick out specific sounds or if the surrounding sounds are muffled or dull at first.

Familiarization and Adjustment

While the familiarization process continues, ordinary sounds may seem surprisingly loud. Even your voice might sound foreign. The sounds of common sounds may also vary in specific occurrences. It’s alright; this is normal. Acclimating to hearing aid devices can be overwhelming at the beginning. This stage comprises getting accustomed to the physical sensations and the sense of hearing. Your ears and brain need to become accustomed to hearing aids. The brain has to get to perceiving and processing auditory stimuli again. You have to relearn to ignore the sounds your brain was accustomed to ignoring in the past. It’s essential to be patient during this time. The more you use your hearing aid, the faster this process will happen.

Tips to Help You Adjust to Your New Hearing Aid

• Spend as much time as you can learning the details about your new device, how it works, how to clean, and adjust settings is an excellent place to start.
• Start using your device in a quiet setting and gradually increase the nose levels over a week or two. Start with a few hours and increase the time until you can wear it all day.
• It’s a good idea to test your device in as many different environments as possible; each location and setting will provide different sounds to hear and get used to.
• Work your way up to loud and busy environments; if you try to go all at once, you may find the experience uncomfortable.
• Practice concentration when talking in conversations; focusing directly and watching lips and body language will help your brain reprogram to hear again quickly.
• Be honest with the people you care about communicating with. If you are getting overwhelmed or can’t keep up, make sure to say something so adjustments can be made.

While getting a hearing aid will help you gain a level of hearing again, it still requires a little bit of patience and some work. Then you will be able to enjoy the full benefits that hearing aids can bring!

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