Face Mask with Hearing Aids

Wearing Hearing Aids and a Face Mask: How to Make It Work

Due to COVID-19, face masks have become common since they are required to help stop the spread. However, while wearing a face mask may be necessary, this has put those with a hearing impairment in a precarious situation. Wearing a face mask can make it a challenge for a hard of hearing person to understand what another person is saying since the ability to read lips has been diminished. If that wasn’t enough, wearing a face mask with hearing aids can also cause problems. A face mask’s ear loops can tug on hearing aids, causing the hearing aid to come off the ear.

Wearing a face mask with hearing aids can be quite the challenge, especially if you wear behind-the-ear hearing aids. While it is recommended that you speak to your hearing care provider regarding this issue, following these helpful tips for wearing a face mask with hearing aids may help you find some balance.

• If you are able too, wear a scarf, shawl, or a neck gaiter as a mask to eliminate the need for a face mask.
• If you have long hair, anchoring the face mask loop around a bun or ponytail can help you lower the risk of losing or damaging your hearing aids.
• Instead of wearing face masks with elastic loops, look for a mask that features four strings, so you are able to secure the mask by tying it behind the head.
• Using a mask extender, a fabric one or one with buttons, to attach the mask straps are a great way to achieve a snug fit. You can do this by sewing two buttons onto a piece of ribbon or fabric and attaching the elastic loop to the buttons along the back of your head. You can also sew two buttons onto a fabric headband.
• If you are unable to follow any of the above tips, ensure that your hearing aid is in place every time you put on and take off the mask. When removing your mask, ensure you are doing it in a spot that won’t damage your hearing aid if it does fall out and is open enough to make it easy to find.
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