Children Safety Tips for the Fourth of July

How to Protect Your Child’s Ears this Fourth of July

For many, the Fourth of July is the pinnacle of summer. Friends, family, flags, backyard barbeques, watermelon, parades, and an incredible light display to end the night all make for one fantastic holiday. The day ends at a high note as colorful fireworks fill the sky, making for one amazing and exciting show. However, for some children, especially for those with sensitive hearing, watching a fireworks show can be a scary and frightful experience instead of a fun one. While others may love it, but the unfortunate truth is if the proper precautions are not followed, your child is at risk for hearing loss. However, following a set of children safety tips for the Fourth of July can help minimize the risks.

This Independence Day, don’t just pack the bug spray and sunscreen without thinking about the potential damage that can happen to your child’s ears if left unprotected. Make this colorful holiday safer for your kids by following these helpful children safety tips for the Fourth of July.

• Make sure you bring a pair of ear plugs or ear muffs for your child to wear when watching a fireworks display. Fireworks can reach levels higher than 155 decibels, so make sure your child wears ear protection. This will allow them to still hear conversations while reducing dangerous sound levels.

• Sit back from the show, even if you are tempted to get an “up-close” view. When it comes to a fireworks show, you want to ensure that you are sitting back more than 500 feet from the source. While this can be hard to judge, a good rule of thumb is if a ringing or buzzing in the ears is experienced, move back.

• If you forgot the ear plugs or ear muffs at home, don’t fret. Your children can still enjoy the show while keeping their hearing intact. If possible, park your car away from the crowds, at a distance where you can still see the show. Doing so will allow your child to enjoy the show without being close to the noise.

• If your child is nervous about watching a fireworks display, help alleviate their fears and keep their ears safe by allowing them to watch the show online or on the television. Not only will this protect their ears from noise-induced hearing loss, but it also may help alleviate their fear by helping them understand what goes on at one.

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