Protecting Your Hearing During the Summer Festival Season

How to Protect Your Hearing During Festival Season

Summer is in full swing, and with that comes the outdoor festival season. A summertime favorite for many, an outdoor festival has something for everyone to enjoy. Whether it’s enjoying the food, shopping at the various vendor booths, or listening to the local band play, there’s no better way to spend the day. However, spending the day at an outdoor festival can be challenging for those with impaired hearing. Many times, there are large crowds, fireworks, or a slew of bands performing. Sometimes even at once. While this scenario may not be much for a person with normal hearing to handle, for a person with hearing loss, it could negatively affect their overall experience and put a damper on their enjoyment.

Don’t let outdoor festivities be a source of distress or anxiety. If you want to protect your sensitive ears at an outdoor festival this year, continue reading to learn more about protecting your hearing during the summer festival season.

• Outdoors festivals can get loud, really loud between the vendors, crowds, music, and (possibly) fireworks. Loud volume levels can be dangerous for everyone, not just for those who already have hearing loss. So if you don’t have a hearing impairment, make sure you take care of what you have by bringing a pair of earplugs with you.
• Make sure you pack your hearing aid or other assistive technology to take with you. Remember, if you have it, use it! Don’t be ashamed to utilize your device, more than likely no one will notice you are using a hearing aid. You will just blend into the crowd, so use the technology you own so you can enjoy the event to the fullest.
• If you are planning on wearing your hearing aid or other assistive technology, make sure the batteries operating the device are fully charged before you go. Also, bring backups just in case your battery dies. Having backup batteries on hand will help guarantee a working device, so you don’t miss out on any of the action.
• Between the large crowds, and all of the loud sounds, outdoor festivals can quickly become overwhelming, especially on your senses. In fact, it can be a struggle to carry on a normal conversation, and the concentration needed to hear, and process sounds can be exhausting. Make sure you give yourself frequent breaks and take some quiet time away from the crowds.
• If you are watching a music performance, take note of where you stand. While the front row might be exciting and offers a great view, it is often the loudest. You want to stay as far back as you can from the source of noise, so that means stay away from the side of the stage as well since that’s where the speakers are generally located. Instead, find a good spot towards the middle or back of the audience.
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