Back to School Hearing Tips

Back to School Hearing Tips for Children with Hearing Aids

With school back in session, it can be an arduous task to gather all the things that your child needs. A book bag, pens, pencils, notebooks, and folders are all required, as well as anything requested explicitly by your child’s teacher(s). However, if you are a parent of a child that wears hearing aids, your kid’s back to school list can be longer than the average parents. Plus, going to school wearing hearing aids can be a source of anxiety and stress, for kids, parents, as well as teachers.

If you want your child’s back to school experience to go smoothly this school year, check out these helpful back to school hearing tips for children with hearing aids.

• Unfortunately, questions and the threat of bully’s is a potentiality when your child wears hearing aids, so make sure you prepare your child, so they are equipped to handle either situation. Naturally, kids are going to ask questions, so it is crucial that you prepare your child so they know how to respond. Also, teasing and bullying may occur, so make sure you prepare them for these negative confrontations.
• If your child’s teacher and the school staff (nurse, coaches, etc.) are not aware of your child’s hearing loss, and the fact that he or she wears a hearing aid, make them aware. You want to ensure that it is known that your child has a difficult time hearing, so they will not accidentally think your child is being disrespectful by ignoring them.
• If your child needs any special accommodations, make sure you request them on your child’s behalf. Don’t ever assume that your child’s teacher and the staff at the school will know how to accommodate your child, even if they are aware of their hearing loss. When it comes to scenarios such as these, it is vital that you become an advocate for your child’s needs.
• Putting together a hearing aid care kit for your child is a necessity. If your child is old enough to handle the kit, have them keep the kit in their backpack or locker. Otherwise, if your child is very young, leave the hearing aid kit in the teacher’s possession. The hearing aid care kit should contain extra batteries, a cleaning brush, battery tester, a cleaning kit, hearing aid clips, and anything else that may be needed throughout the day.
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