Warning Signs of Hearing Loss

What Are the Warning Signs of Hearing Loss?

Change, particularly changes in the body, can be scary. So much so, it can be easy to brush off any changes we notice. Especially, since in many cases, changes can happen gradually over time, and there is not an immediate transition from one state to another. Unfortunately, when it comes to hearing loss, this is often the case. Most cases of hearing loss that happens gradually are left noticed because the person is not aware of the warning signs of hearing loss. It’s not until it’s apparent, and their lives are deeply affected that they finally take notice, and unfortunately, it can be too late at that point.

Remember, hearing loss can occur at any age, but the signs and symptoms often appear years before the problem snowballs into something much worse. The best way to protect yourself is awareness, so make sure you know and understand the warning signs of hearing loss.

What Are the Warning Signs of Hearing Loss?

• You frequently misunderstand what people say, and often mishear certain words as others.
• People often comment on the volume level of your television or radio.
• You have problems understanding individual voices, such as the voices of women and children.
• After a long day of hearing other people talk, you feel physically and mentally exhausted.
• You are easily overwhelmed, irritated, or stressed by loud sounds, noises, or voices.
• You find yourself avoiding social activities that are noisy, such as parties, dinners, and get-togethers.
• You have difficulty following and understanding group conversations.
• You often have to ask people to repeat themselves.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it may be time to make an appointment with a hearing professional. Unfortunately, a lot of these symptoms can be easy to dismiss, especially when the problem is happening gradually. However, it is better to get checked out, so if there is an issue, you can receive a proper diagnosis and a treatment plan.

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