Hearing Health

Four Simple Ways to Support Your Hearing Health

The ability to hear the world around you certainly makes a difference in your life, so it’s always good to stop and reflect on how beautiful it is to have the sense of hearing. It’s the everyday sounds around you that narrate life’s precious moments. However, being able to hear is something that can be lost in time, or in a blink of an eye. Sometimes it happens naturally throughout the aging process, or we could lose our hearing through trauma or by simple misuse of our ears. Because of this, the health of your hearing is not something to ignore.

May is Better Hearing and Speech Month, and in light of this month, we are sharing some of the simple ways you can support your hearing health.

Lower the Volume

A preventable health problem, according to the Hearing Health Foundation hearing loss that is noise-induced is on the rise for both children and adults. So if you want to protect your ears, make sure you curb the noise and use protection for those times you can’t. Wearing quality hearing protection and limiting your exposure to loud noise goes a long way in protecting your ears for the long haul.

Eat Healthy, Nutritious Foods

You are what you eat, so it only makes sense that your diet plays a role in the health of your hearing. Healthy eating can make all the difference in regards to your hearing. For instance, foods high in potassium help regulate the fluid in the inner-ear, so make sure you eat plenty of bananas, sweet potatoes, spinach, yogurt, watermelon, beets, black beans, and avocados. Also, make sure you fill your diet with foods that are rich in magnesium, folate, zinc, vitamin A, vitamin C, as well as vitamin E.

Recognize the Signs

Being aware of your hearing and knowing the signs of hearing loss can help increase the chances of treating your impaired hearing. However, according to the World Health Organization, nearly all hearing loss can be addressed, but the first step on the road to recovery is recognizing that there is a problem. Make sure you consider a professional hearing test if you are having issues understanding women and children, difficulty hearing in a crowd, difficulty hearing on the phone, or are experiencing muffled speech sounds.

Get Regular Checkups

Scheduling regular checkups with a hearing health professional is vital if you want to keep your ears healthy. Just like for your teeth or eyes, make sure you schedule an appointment at least once a year. Staying vigilant and on top of your hearing health goes a long way in maintaining your overall wellness. Going for regular checkups goes a long way, and will help you catch any potential problems or changes early, increasing the chances of you making a full recovery.

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