What is Diplacusis?

Typically our brain will distinguish a note as one sound, but there is a form of hearing loss that can cause some people to hear sounds differently, at two different pitches. This troubling condition is known as diplacusis, and it’s when a person perceives a single auditory stimulus as two separate sounds. So instead of hearing just one sound,

Celebrities with Hearing Loss

You are Not Alone: Famous Athletes and Celebrities with Hearing Loss

It’s easy to feel alone when you are dealing with hearing loss, but in reality, you are not. Having impaired hearing is a common condition in the United States, and it can affect men and women, as well as children and adults. Hearing loss does not discriminate in regards to social status and class. It affects both the rich and poor and even celebrities and athletes fall into this equation.


Food and Tinnitus: What to Eat When You Have Tinnitus

Tinnitus, or ringing in the ears, is a condition that can drive one mad. For some people, their tinnitus can come and go, while others suffer from a non-stop ringing or buzzing in their ears. In some instances, many sufferers have noticed that their symptoms get worse after ingesting certain foods. While this condition is still not well-understood and there is no definitive connection between food and tinnitus,

Diseases That Can Cause Hearing Loss

The Three Diseases of Hearing Loss

Many of us know that hearing loss can happen to us naturally as we age, or we can be genetically predisposed. Also, not wearing ear protection while exposed to loud noises for a prolonged period of time also can do damage to our sensitive ears. Incidents of this nature are what we typically think of when we think of hearing loss and how it develops,

Common Causes of Temporary Hearing Loss

Top Common Causes of Temporary Hearing Loss

When you experience a change in your hearing, it can be scary, but luckily when you encounter hearing loss, it doesn’t have to be permanent. In fact, there are few common causes of temporary hearing loss, and thankfully these conditions can often be quickly alleviated. However, that’s not to say that you won’t be scared or anxious during this process,

The Five Stages of Hearing Loss

The Five Stages of Hearing Loss

As we age, it’s perfectly natural that some of our senses change. Hearing loss can happen to adults as they age, and even though this is a natural part of the life cycle, these changes can be difficult for some to swallow. Sometimes the aging process in itself can make one go through the stages of grief,

Reasons to Get Your Hearing Tested

Top Reasons to Get Your Hearing Tested in the New Year

The ability to hear is a blessing, but unfortunately, the idea that hearing loss is an evitable part of aging is something that most people forget. While it is true that your hearing tends to decline as you age, disease, noise exposure, trauma, and hereditary factors are also to blame. While many people like to try to ignore this unpleasant aspect of life,

Winter Ear Care Tips

Wintertime Healthy Hearing Ear Care Tips

The weather associated with winter is harsh, especially here in New York. Winter weather is often cold and wet, which can create some issues for your health. In fact, winter weather can even be harmful to your ears and affect your ability to hear. While it is virtually impossible to hermit yourself off from the world all winter long,

Holiday Hearing Tips

Surviving the Holidays with Hearing Loss

The holidays are a time when family and friends get together, enjoy each other’s company, and play catch up. However, whenever you get a group of people together, it can get loud, deafening even. In these situations, it can be hard for anyone to hear, let alone a person with impaired hearing. For those with hearing loss,

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