The Top Causes of Hearing Loss

The Top Causes of Hearing Loss

Problems with your hearing can either be present at birth or acquired throughout life, at any age. The most common type of hearing loss, sensorineural, can happen to anybody, at any age. Sensorineural hearing loss is often caused by age, medications, and from noise exposure. While these things are unavoidable in life, excessive exposure can be harmful to your ears.

MP3 Ear Safety Tips

MP3 Ear Safety Tips

Music is one of life’s ultimate pleasures, and it has been with us for as long as we can collectively remember. In today’s day and age, portable media players have become popular and ingrained into our daily lives. So much so, it’s hard to imagine life without them. MP3 players can act as a companion and keep distractions out when you are on the subway,

Winter Hearing Aid Tips

Winter Time Hearing Aid Care

Winter can be a difficult time for those who wear hearing aids. Many may not have the know-how on how to adequately protect hearing aids from the cold and high levels of moisture. Unfortunately, moisture is your hearing aids enemy. Condensation of moisture can cause corrosion and can result in malfunction of your hearing aid.

Hearing Aid Buying Tips

Need a Hearing Aid? Check Out Our Hearing Aid Buying Tips

As you age, there is an elevated risk of hearing loss, and this risk continues to increase as you get older. Luckily, hearing aids are available to help you maintain living a healthy life. In the past, picking out and purchasing a hearing aid was a pretty simple process. There weren’t many models to choose from,

Thanksgiving and Hearing Loss

How to Handle Thanksgiving and Hearing Loss

Thanksgiving is a joyous time for many, as families get to sit down with one another, enjoy each other’s company and eat delicious food! The holidays are a perfect time to reconnect and catch up with the people that you love. However, for individuals with hearing loss, Thanksgiving may bring about a sense of fear and anxiety.

Hearing Loss Recipes

Thanksgiving Hearing Loss Recipes

It is true, “you are what you eat,” and with Thanksgiving around the corner, there is no better time to be cognizant of what you are putting into your body. What you eat will have a direct and indirect influence on your ability to hear and on your overall health. Luckily, these effects are positive ones!

Safely Clean Your Ears

Did You Know? How to Safely Clean Your Ears

It’s not uncommon for a person to use cotton swabs, or Q-Tips, to remove excess earwax. Cleaning your ears is a habit that many have and don’t think too much of. However, sticking cotton swabs, or anything into your ear, is not recommended. What you think is a healthy habit may be damaging your hearing.

Basics of Hearing Loss

The Basics of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is a common health condition that affects more than 48 million Americans in the United States. Despite the fact that some of us have ears and have the ability to hear, many do not have a real understanding of the human ear and how it works. To understand hearing and hearing loss, it helps to know the basics.

Gluten Free Banana Bread Recipe

Foods for Healthy Hearing: Gluten Free Banana Bread Recipe

You probably have heard of the term, “you are what you eat.” To help keep your mind and body healthy, you need to be cognizant of what you put in your mouth. Your body needs proper nutrition to run efficiently, so it is vital that you live a healthy lifestyle. While many are aware of the fact that their ears need to be protected from loud noises,

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