Myths about Tinnitus

Debunked: Top Myths about Tinnitus

According to the US Center for Disease Control, approximately 50 million Americans (15 percent) has tinnitus or ringing in the ears. Better defined as the “perception of sound when no sound is present,” those who suffer from this condition know how debilitating it can be. Tinnitus can negatively impact your life. Tinnitus can affect both your personal and professional life,

Earwax Buildup

Earwax Buildup and Blockage Prevention Tips

While some may find earwax to be disgusting, it does a lot to protect your ears and your hearing. Also known as cerumen, earwax plays an essential role by trapping small particles before they enter the ear canal and potentially damage the eardrum. However, earwax impaction can occur when the cerumen gets pushed back into the ear canal.

Foods for Hearing Health

Top Healthy Fall Foods for Hearing Health

There’s a lot to love about the fall, the air becomes cool and crisp, the leaves are changing, and there’s some delicious food in season. While many use winter squash and pumpkins as decoration, they are much more than just ornamentation as ingesting fall foods can significantly improve your health, as well as your hearing health.

Halloween with Hearing Loss

How to Enjoy Halloween with Hearing Loss

It’s October, and Halloween is just around the bend. This fun, spooky holiday is exciting for both children and adults. Who doesn’t like dressing up and filling up buckets with yummy treats? However, for those who have a hearing impairment, Halloween can prove to be quite the challenge, especially at night. Nonetheless, you can still have a fantastic Halloween,

Hearing Aid Decoration

How to Get Your Hearing Aids into the Halloween Spirit

There are a lot of stigma and negative perceptions around the use of hearing aids, but it doesn’t have to be this way. You can still celebrate and have fun with your device, even when you play dress up! With Halloween right around the bend, there’s no better time to have fun with hearing aids by getting them into the spirit of this fun and exciting holiday.

Exercise Your Ears

Exercise Your Ears: Improve Your Hearing with These Healthy Activities

While hearing loss can happen naturally as you age, there are still ways you can be proactive. There are healthy steps you can take to help ensure that your ability to hear remains healthy. Many of us know that we have to protect our ears from loud noises and keep them clean, but did you know that there are activities you can do to help improve your hearing?

Fall Hearing Tips

Hearing Solutions 101: Fall Hearing Tips

With fall just around the corner, we will start to experience colder temperatures and changing leaves. Change is seen during this time of year, so it is a good time to follow suit and change your own hearing healthcare habits for the better. Many of our daily activities can cause noise-induced hearing loss without taking the proper precautions,

Hearing Loss Dating Tips

Love is in the Air: Hearing Loss Dating Tips

Dating can be hard enough, and if you are hard of hearing, or are dating someone who is, this difficulty can become magnified. There’s a lot to think about, what to wear, where to go and if you have a hearing impairment there’s even more “stressors” added on. Luckily, dating with hearing loss doesn’t have to be stressful and difficult.

Hunting and Hearing Loss

Hunting and Hearing Loss: Protect Your Ears this Hunting Season

Living in New York is exciting no matter the time of year. In this beautiful state we seem to have a bit of everything, and have something for everyone, no matter the season. One of the most popular past times we can participate in is shooting and hunting. However, the noise from a gunshot can damage your ears and can even cause long term hearing damage and hearing loss.

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