Itchy Ears

How To Deal With Itchy Ears

While it is common to experience itchiness in the ear canals, dealing with the sensation can be pretty bothersome. Especially since there isn’t an easy way to remedy the problem. Unlike other body parts, scratching the itch in your ears can be challenging. There are several factors that can cause itchy ears, so receiving a proper diagnosis to determine the appropriate remedy is necessary if you want relief.

Itchy Ears: Why Are My Ears So Itchy?!

What are the Causes of Itchy Ears?

Buildup of Earwax

Earwax is naturally created by the body to maintain cleanliness and protection in the ear canals. However, an itching sensation may occur if an excessive production of earwax or the use of cotton swabs has caused the wax to be pushed deep into the ear canal. It is recommended to seek medical attention in such cases to avoid further complications.

Dehydrated Skin

It is important to note that the ear canal may become too dry if one’s ears do not produce enough earwax. Earwax helps to lubricate the ear canal, and insufficient amounts and using cotton swabs to remove it can lead to dryness and itching in the ears. If one suspects this is the cause of their itchy ears, it is recommended that they consult a primary care physician, ENT, or dermatologist for further evaluation and treatment.

Ear Infections

Infections in the ear can cause a range of symptoms, such as itching, pain, discharge, and hearing loss. Ear infections may result from bacterial or viral agents. Swimmer’s ear, called otitis externa, is a typical condition affecting individuals who frequently swim or are repeatedly exposed to extreme cold conditions. Proper ear hygiene and drying the ears thoroughly after swimming can help prevent swimmer’s ear.


It is plausible to develop dermatitis within the ear canal due to an allergic reaction to substances such as metal-containing earrings, a lotion ingredient, or a product applied close to the ears. Dermatitis may lead to itching in the ears and can be diagnosed by a qualified dermatologist or primary care physician. Furthermore, eczematoid dermatitis can also result in itching within the ears.

What Treatments Are Available for Itchy Ears?

If an individual experiences persistent itching in the ear, it is advisable to seek medical attention promptly. Consulting with a suitable healthcare professional, such as a doctor, is necessary for a precise diagnosis and remedy plan. The healthcare provider can help identify the underlying cause of the itching, whether it is an infection or an allergic reaction. Your healthcare provider may refer the individual to a specialist, such as an otolaryngologist or dermatologist, to provide further care. Over-the-counter ear drops may provide relief, but it is important to avoid using them if you have a perforated eardrum. If earwax accumulation is causing the itching, the individual may benefit from seeking assistance from a hearing care professional for its removal.

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