Hearing Health Safety Tips

Hearing Health Safety Tips For New Year’s Celebrations

As the New Year gets closer to its annual appearance, preparations for parties, celebrations, and firework displays are in full swing. New Year’s Eve celebrations can vary from outdoor fireworks presentations to indoor parties that can last well past midnight; most of these events can be very loud and could damage your hearing. Taking a few moments to think and prepare can go a long way to protect your hearing without interfering with your celebration. To help protect your ears, check out these helpful hearing health safety tips below.

Hearing Health Safety Tips For New Year’s Celebrations


#1 Cold Weather

Spending your New Year’s outside to watch a countdown display or fireworks can be an amazing event to see. However, it can also be a good way to pick up an infection in the sinuses or ears that could cause hearing issues. Make sure to bundle up for the cold weather and cover your ears in lower temperatures.

#2 Fireworks

One of the most common public displays is the local fireworks presentation. While always grand, they can also be quite loud. Taking along ear protection like earmuffs or earplugs can really help protect your hearing from the high decibel explosions that herald the new year.

#3 Loud Social Gatherings

If you plan on attending an indoor gathering, it can be easy to find yourself in an overly-loud environment. While earplugs are a safe bet, they can also stifle intimate conversation. Try to stay as far as you can from loud speakers and look for quiet areas to occasionally give your ears a break.

#4 Hearing Assist Devices

While hearing aids can be helpful in normal circumstances, they can quickly become overwhelmed by loud environments. It is advised that you should turn down your hearing aid, if possible, or wear sound-reducing headphones or earmuffs to diminish the incoming volume.

Before you make your New Year’s resolution this year, make sure to resolve to protect your hearing first, so it will be there for many new years to come.

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