Famous Meniere's Disease Patients

Who are Some Famous Meniere’s Disease Patients?

What is Meniere’s Disease?

Meniere’s disease was first identified and described in 1861 by Dr. Prosper Meniere, a french doctor. Meniere’s disease is a hearing loss disorder affecting the inner ear that can cause a range of symptoms. Patients typically report experiencing severe pain or pressure in the inner ear, intermittent hearing loss, tinnitus (hearing a roaring sound), vertigo, and extreme dizziness. As not all patients have reported experiencing the same symptoms, “classic Meniere’s disease” is typically categorized by the four most common symptoms:

      • Intermittent and progressive hearing loss of lower ranges in either one ear (unilateral) or both ears (Bilateral)
      • Tinnitus or “ringing in the ears” in either one or both ears.
      • Experiencing pressure or “fullness” in either one or both ears.
      • Sporadic episodes of acute dizziness, vertigo, and balance abnormalities.

Unfortunately, a cure for Meniere’s disease has yet to be discovered. On the bright side, the symptoms of Meniere’s disease can be successfully controlled through medication and by reducing fluid retention in the body. Correcting dietary habits can also help; it is recommended to eliminate caffeine, alcohol and adopt a low salt or salt-free diet. Currently, research is being done to study biological and environmental elements that could impact how we understand Meniere’s disease and what causes episodes.

Who are Some Famous Meniere’s Disease Patients?

While Meniere’s disease affects approximately 0.2% of the population, there is no reason to feel alone, so if you or any of your loved ones have Meniere’s disease, here is a list of 10 famous Meniere’s disease patients who also share in this affliction.

Alan Shepard– American astronaut, naval aviator, test pilot, and businessman. 1923-1998
Emily Dickinson– American writer and poet. 1830-1886
Huey Lewis– American singer, songwriter, and actor. 1950-
Jonathan Swift– Anglo-Irish satirist, writer, and poet. 1667-1745
Kuriyama Hideki– Japanese baseball player and manager. 1961-
Les Paul– American guitarist, songwriter, luthier, and inventor. 1915-2009
Lisa McDonald– Irish politician. 1974-
Peggy Lee– American singer, songwriter, composer, and actress. 1920-2002
Martin Luther– German priest, author, composer, and monk. 1483-1546
Vincent Van Gogh– Dutch painter. 1853-1890
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