Sounds of Spring

Sounds of Spring: Do You Need Your Hearing Checked?

During the spring season, there is an awakening after a long, cold winter. Spring is the time for renewal and rebirth, as plants are beginning to “spring” up, and the days are becoming longer and warmer. The spring season is also the perfect time to assess your life and make any necessary changes that are needed in your life. Now is the time to reassess your health to determine if it needs any attention. During the spring, as life begins to awaken outside, there is an increase in many wondrous sights and sounds. However, if you are not able to hear all of the sounds of spring, that is a good indicator that you need to make an appointment with an audiologist.

As the days get longer and warmer, it is essential to go outside and get some much-needed vitamin D after a long cold, winter season. Going outdoors and listening to the sounds of spring can also help you gauge your ability to hear. Are you able to hear all of the common springtime sounds? If not, this is a good indicator that you should have your hearing or hearing aids checked.

Squirrels– These cute rodents begin to come out of their den during the spring to find food, so if you spend time outdoors, you are bound to run into one. Some squirrels can be very vocal, especially as they eat, and while their sounds can vary among species, they are audible. Depending on the sound, the decibel level can range, but even their softest sound comes in at 20 dB. Are you able to hear the squirrels in your neighborhood?
The Rustling of Leaves– The rustling of leaves is another soft sound, and is one of the softest sounds most humans can hear. So take a moment to look at the trees and enjoy their shape and color. Also, take notice of the leaves and see if you can hear them as they flutter in the breeze, leaves that are fluttering in the breeze measures about 20 decibels.
Mosquitoes– These flying pests can be quite annoying, and depending on where you live, you might encounter these blood-sucking pests more often then you want too. However, a mosquito buzz measures in about 40 dB, so you should be able to hear one as they buzz around. This is important since this annoying insect has the ability to carry disease, so you want to remain alert and wear bug repellant.
Bird Calls– Hearing the sounds of birds can be one of the most pleasant of experiences. The early morning dawn chorus is meant to attract prospective mates, and to ward off other males. While the amplitude of a bird’s song can vary between species, on average, a bird’s call measures about 40 dB. In the morning, have your cup of coffee or tea outside, or sit by a window sill and see if you can clearly hear their songs.
Pattering Rain– Sun showers happen, and when the weather is warm, they can be quite an enjoyable experience. There’s nothing better than dancing in the rain or just simply enjoying the feeling of the rain refreshing you on a warm day. Maybe you enjoy listening to the sounds of pattering rain indoors. It can be very soothing. Pattering rain measures about 20 decibels, so take notice during the next gentle rainfall to ensure that you can fully hear it in its entire splendor.
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