Fall Hearing Tips

Hearing Solutions 101: Fall Hearing Tips

With fall just around the corner, we will start to experience colder temperatures and changing leaves. Change is seen during this time of year, so it is a good time to follow suit and change your own hearing healthcare habits for the better. Many of our daily activities can cause noise-induced hearing loss without taking the proper precautions, so it is important that you remain vigilant with your hearing habits. Unfortunately, the ability to hear is often taken for granted, and many do not realize the importance of hearing until they are stripped of this ability.

To help ensure your ears remain healthy for the long haul, extra precautions should be followed to protect your ears from damage. To help you stay healthy and happy this fall, make sure you pay special attention to your ears and follow these helpful, fall hearing tips.

1. Invest and wear earplugs anytime you are exposed to loud sounds. By wearing ear protection, such as earplugs or earmuffs, you can help prevent damage to your hearing. Whether you are looking for a cheap, disposable option or a custom one, there is ear protection out there that is perfect for you.
2. When you find yourself in a noisy environment, limit your time and take periodic breaks. Even if you are wearing protection, by taking steps to limit the amount of time you are spending in a noisy environment, you can limit your chances of damaging your hearing.
3. Remember, if other people can hear it, you have the volume up too loud. When listening to music through earbuds or headphones, make sure you keep the volume down. Make sure you follow the previous rule and take periodic breaks.
4. Love to watch football live? Football season is fun and exciting, but it’s loud and can easily damage your hearing. So the next time you are out supporting your team, make sure you wear a pair of earplugs.
5. Enjoy talking on the phone for hours? Unfortunately, doing this is known to have adverse effects on your ears. During your conversation, alter the phone between both ears and try to keep your conversation short. If you have to make multiple phone calls in a day, be sure to take a break in between each call.
6. Leaves can accumulate during this time, so if you are planning on using a leaf blower, leave it to a professional. If you plan on operating one yourself, make sure you wear quality earplugs while you work.
7. Drive a lot? If you have a noisy commute, be sure to roll it up, your windows that is. Busy streets can expose you to a lot of loud noise, so lock out the outside world by keeping your windows rolled up.
8. Interested in hearing protection? Speak to an audiologist, who can help you find a solution to fit your lifestyle.
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