Fun and Simple Easter Themed Hearing Games for Children

As your child is developing and growing, it is important to stimulate your child’s senses. One of the easiest ways to do this is through play of course! Not only will you and your child bond and have fun while doing it, but you can also feel good knowing that you are helping with your child’s development and growth. With Easter right around the corner, now is a perfect time to whip up some fun and enjoyable games that are sure to entertain, educate, and help them grow.

If you are looking for a fun and unique way to stimulate your child’s senses this Easter, check out these fun Easter hearing games you can enjoy with your child this holiday!

The Easter Egg Walk Balancing Game

Help your child stimulate their vestibular system by having them work on their balance!

What You Need:

• Bucket
• Easter baskets
• Plastic Easter eggs
• An assortment of kitchen utensils

Fill up the bucket with the plastic Easter eggs and place an Easter basket across the room for every utensil you plan on using. So if you have four utensils out, have four Easter baskets set up across the room. The object of this game is to balance an Easter egg on each one of the utensils from the bucket to the basket, without dropping the egg.

The Egg Shaker Listening Game

This fun-filled egg shaker guessing game is sure to entertain, and get your little one focused on listening!

What You Need:

• Fillable plastic Easter eggs
• Various small trinkets

Scrounge around for small objects to fill the plastic Easter eggs, just make sure each object is as distinct as possible. Aim to find trinkets of various materials. The amount of eggs to use is up to you, but once you have your items and plastic Easter eggs, fill up each egg with the objects found. For example, if you have beads, coins, and gems, put all the coins in one egg, all the beads in one egg, and so forth. This way the sounds don’t mix. Keep a set of your items to the side so you can remember what each egg has inside of it, or simply write it down, so you don’t forget. Once all of the eggs are filled, close up everything and let your child play. Explain to them that each egg has something different inside, and they need to figure out what that is by shaking and listening to the egg.

The Easter Egg Sound Matching Game

Let your child hone their sense of hearing with this Easter egg sound matching game!

What You Need:

• Empty plastic fillable Easter eggs
• Various objects for the eggs (i.e. a coin, bouncy ball, jelly bean, marble, etc.)

Scrounge around for small objects to fill the plastic Easter eggs, but make sure you have two of each object and enough eggs for the total amount of trinkets you use. Once you have your trinkets together, only put one of each item into the fillable plastic egg. Make sure you keep the duplicate object outside the egg, so you have one of the trinkets out, and its other match is in an Easter egg. When you hand over the eggs to your child, show them the selected objects and explain to them that there is a duplicate of those same objects in the Easter eggs. Then allow your child to take one of your selected objects and place it into an Easter egg. Once all the objects are in the egg, have your child shake the eggs to see what sounds match. Have them open the eggs so they can determine whether they guessed correctly!

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